also my boss gave me a freelance job to work with him on where we mask out a bunch of group photos and i’ve done about 2 so far

he finally started working on one today and after about an hour of work he said “uhhh i’m gonna throw you some extra money” because he realized how much work I put into masking those other photos


kinda frustrated w/ work today because I have a client who wants me to make a brochure about the services they provide because their customers have trouble finding out what they do. the client has 4 catagories of services that they offer and want me to show and to elaborate on those catagories using icons instead of actual words

which seems dumb because if you want people to know exactly what you offer you’re just trusting that they have enough cultural knowledge to understand what each icon means

i guess my job as a visual communicator is to make sure that the audience CAN understand what the client wants just from the icons, but if you literally have half a page of icons it’s just annoying and jumbled versus text

if I have time i’ll do two versions? bweh

if anyone asked me what my favorite things were I would definitely say pokemon and dogs

DashCon Update!


When the dust settled after DashCon, we were left with thousands of dollars worth of debt. Because this, among many others reasons, DashCon LLP is being dissolved and assets being liquidated. Once the assets are liquidated, each debt will be paid pro rata, meaning that there’s a possibility the debts won’t be paid in full, but each will be paid the same percentage of what’s owed. We don’t know how long this process is going to take, but it’s fair to say it could be up to 90 days. Apologies for the further delays. This has all become a bit of a legal ordeal.
There has been a lot of speculation that DashCon LLP has changed its name to Emoti-Con or So Attacked Entertainment LLC. That, however, is inaccurate. Two of the three owners of DashCon, Cain and Megg, are now functioning as So Attacked Entertainment LLC, which will be hosting an event called Emoti-Con. Despite Cain and Megg’s involvement, neither So Attacked Entertainment LLC nor Emoti-Con is in any way affiliated with DashCon. 
Thank you for your patience while we try to resolve these final matters. Apologies that we are unable to give a more definite timeline on payment. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.